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Hag Purim, Hag Purim, Hag Gadol Hu La-y'hudim

Purim is a Great Holiday for the Jews

We love Purim here at Beit HaChatulim. We dress up in costumes, we bake goodies for our friends, our friends send us baskets of goodies that they have prepared, we get together at our synagogue and sing and dance.

There are a number of things that we are supposed to do on Purim:

Links for Purim

We have maintained some links to really fun web sites associated with Purim, but we're not putting them up right now because -- first of all, Purim is a ways off, and second, we want to check everything to make sure the links work. Here are the categories we have had in the past and will probably have again in the future.

Purim Links for Kids
General Information About Purim