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Beit HaChatulim - The Vision

Here's how we thought it was going to be:
6:00 Joan and Aren get up, dress, make breakfast, etc.
6:30 The family eats together
7:00 Aren meets briefly with some kids, while others clean up
7:15 Aren leaves for work, morning chores
7:45 Tefillot (morning prayers)
8:15 Reading time with Nathan, Simon and Eli work independently on math or history
8:45 Special work with Eli, Simon and Nathan work on math
9:15 Project time with Simon, Eli and Nathan play outside
9:45 Everyone outside to romp with the dog
10:00 Snack while watching "Wishbone"
10:30 Writer's Workshop
11:00 Group projects
11:45 Clean up and lunch preparation
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Free reading
1:30 Unfinished business, like piano practice
2:00 Afternoon chores
2:30 Whatever, including afterschool activities and outdoor play
4:00 Snack while watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy"
4:30 Whatever, including afterschool activities
5:30 Supper preparation, nonhelpers can watch "Kratt's Creatures"
6:30 Eat supper together
7:00 Clean up
7:30 Start bedtime routines, reading aloud, family games, walk dog, etc.
9:30 Last child to bed, adults connect
10:30 Review of day's work, suggestions for next day into folders
11:00 Adults get to sleep

Boy, were we wrong! I think it's safe to say that we have never had a day that had even a nodding acquaintance with that schedule. What were we thinking?

Next, the reality.